About Beagles Across Australia

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Ask any Beagle owner about some of the things they like about Beagles and often they will tell you they enjoy getting together with other Beagle owners. Beagles display an uncanny sense of belonging to a pack and when a Beagle pack gets together, the fun really starts.

Beagle clubs around Australia often conduct social events for their members to promote the breed but mostly, to allow Beagles to get together and become a pack.

Beagles Across Australia was developed to promote the breed within Australia by holding simultaneous events around the country and to celebrate the breed. Whilst the Beagles around the country won’t be together physically, they will be enjoying the day and having fun in their own pack somewhere around Australia.

Beagle clubs holding events on the same day. There will be main events such as walks, Christmas parties and Beagle parties being conducted by Beagle clubs. Unofficial events may also be happening in rural and regional locations. The idea is for anyone with a Beagle to take Beagles Across Australia Day as their day to celebrate our beloved merry hound and to share their celebration with other Beagle owners around Australia.

Details of the events will be placed onto this web site, with photos and stories from the day being put on the site as they come in.

So if you have a Beagle and want to join in the fun, have a look at the Beagles Across Australia map to find your nearest location for a Beagles Across Australia event. Or if there is not one nearby, contact Beagles Across Australia at info@beaglesacrossaustralia.org and let us know what you will be doing in your part of Australia to join in the fun.